how to login bellsouth email

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how to login bellsouth email

Příspěvekod bhawana zlato » pon 19. dub 2021 13:36:54

Enter outgoing SMTP server call
Select Security (SSL)
Enter e-mail provider's outgoing Port# 465
verify Username (typically full User ID & Domain: "smith@att.Internet")
Verify/Enter Email account Password
Verify that outgoing settings are accurate, inclusive of some thing that became autopopulated, and press NEXT.
Handset will connect with server and start to down load messages if all facts above is accurate; finished.
(if using POP3, make sure you have got "delete replica from server" alternative unchecked on PC facet if you do no longer need upcoming emails you sync into the handset to be deleted from PC server).
how to login bellsouth email
bhawana zlato

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