canon pixma pro-100 setup

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canon pixma pro-100 setup

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The difference between Standard quality level 3 and the higher quality prints is apparent. Keep in mind that these are macro image and the difference is not striking at viewing distance. Still, the smoother dot pattern and cleaner edges of quality level 2 and 1 will result is sharper looking prints. canon pixma pro-100 setup

Our conclusion is that Level 2 High print quality is the best setting for most photo projects. The Level 1 setting does not result in appreciably better print quality and takes 38% longer to complete. canon pixma pro-100 setup

For the first time, Canon has included gray and light gray inks in a PRO level dye based printer. In combination with black, these two new tanks greatly help the B&W output of the PRO-100. Another first is detailed printer driver control of grayscale output. Our tests consisted of printing the 8×10 test print (shown above) using the driver B&W feature. Photoshop was set to Printer Manages Color and no adjustments were made to the target file. We printed the target using the default, Cool Tone, and Warm Tone settings. After drying for eight hours the prints were evaluated under balanced Solux light.
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